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In January 2018 we kick off trade show season again !


Come and visit Chillafish in Hong Kong, Nuremberg or New York !

Hong Kong Showroom | from Mon 08/01 to Fri 12/01 | Book an appointment via

Nuremberg Toy Fair | from Wed 31/01 to Sun 04/02 | Hall 7 – Booth A24

New York Toy Fair | from Sat 17/02 to Tue 20/02 | Level 1 – Booth 5778



Chillafish’ BMXie-RS – thé latest Costco treasure

Until Christmas there’s an extra treasure hidden at your Costco warehouse: CHILLAFISH’ most attractive balance bike BMXie-RS !! YAY !!

Buy one now before they are all sold – limited offer until Christmas. Hurry up and get your BMXie-RS at a discount of almost 50% !!

Want to know why BMXie-RS with Airless RubberSkin Tires is probably thé coolest balance bike in the world ?  Check all features now !

03/10/2017 Costco landingspage banner-01

What if … ?

Luckily we cannot complain about having a great team.
Are you interested to join our team and design more top-notch playful innovations?
We are looking for the best of the best to join an already superb team.

Get in touch at and let us know why you will be our next Chillafish colleague.
Looking forward to meeting!

Chief product designer:

Chief product engineer:

See more here :

The Chillafish team

What if 1


Design our next Chillafish BUNZI

Find and unleash your inner creative genius ! Participation is easy and is done by filling in a simple online submission form . Create a drawing related to a topic of your choice and participate in the competition by uploading the result online.

Where are you from ? If you find your country on the below list of partners, you can easily participate !

Current Campaigns

DreamLand Belgium | Participations are open from 23/03 to 15/04

Colorific Australia | Participations are open from 06/04 to 29/04

Cool Gears Thailand | Participations are open from 06/04 to 29/04

Eurekakids Spain | Participations are open from 06/04 to 29/04

Oxybul France | Participations are open from 06/04 to 29/04

Smyths Toys Ireland | Participations are open from 06/04 to 29/04

Titanco Taiwan | Participations are open from 06/04 to 29/04


Chillafish around the globe – let’s meet !


Hong Kong Showroom | from Thu 05/01 to Thu 12/01 | Book an appointment via

London Toy Fair | from Tue 24/01 to Thu 26/01 | Booth B80 (ground floor)

Nuremberg Toy Fair | from Wed 01/02 to Mon 06/02 | Hall 7 – Booth A26

New York Toy Fair | from Sat 18/02 to Tue 21/02 | Level 1 – Booth 6076



New! Chillafish BMXie-RS with airless RubberSkin tires

Maybe you’re in need of a bike with tires that don’t need to be pumped, like, never ever in a lifetime? Guess what? At Chillafish, we figured out a way. No pumps, breakdown assistance or compressors. We used to say our BMXie was probably the coolest balance bike in the world. With its new RS-tires, it certainly is!

Airless RubberSkin tires are a new kind of tires that give you the best grip possible, and you don’t even need to inflate them. A foam core means they cannot puncture; an outside rubber layer makes them just like rubber tires, unlike other foam tires on the market. Great grip – no pump – that’s best of both worlds.


Woohoo !! We are hiring…

Woohoo, it’s true… we are hiring, need to grow the team, more colleagues, more fun, more products, more happy consumers.  Are YOU the perfect sales guy to strengthen our international sales ?  Find out here about who we are looking for and how to apply :


New Chillafish Bunzi – limited edition

At Chillafish we think we need more peacekeepers for the sake of our future generations. That’s why we invite artists from around the world with a positive and inspiring message about art and life to present their art or message on our product and its packaging.

This time however, we didn’t choose just any artist but invited kids to send their very own drawings to us. The winner of this first “Artists of Tomorrow” contest, Ren Otsuka, is 6 years old and wants to be an astronaut. For Chillafish he drew his dream into a colorful artwork!

Find out more at

10/05/2016 HSSQ-CPBN01F04-3-WHEELS-TRU-logo-01-1024x1024

Black Friday! 30% discount on our webshop

Oh boy what a deal! From today until Monday 30th of November, a 30% discount on our webshop.

That means a Jack&Josie for only €62,99 instead of €89,99. Or how about a Chillafish bunzi FAD edition for €41,99?


A brand new Chillafish webshop

Some might have noticed, there’s a spanking new button ‘shop’ on our website. That’s right, it is now possible to order your Chillafish products from your couch, how great it that! Our webshop currently offers some selected items and limited editions only. They include our Chillafish BOX, and BMXie & Bunzi bikes in limited edition. Happy shopping!

Take me to the shop.



Chillafish BOX on The View

Woohoo, the Chillafish BOX was featured on The View, one of America’s most popular morning shows. Nicole Wallace noticed the BOX immediately: “I was already backstage figuring out where to buy these because I love them so much.” Well, we think the folks there loved us!!

Wait, there’s more good news. We’re giving you the opportunity to buy your second Chillafish BOX and get a cashback of $ 25,00! Apply here.

(if you’re a European customer, please apply here)

13/08/2015 CASHBACK_banners-04 copy

#31BOX – Every day in July there’s a BOX to win!

First of July! What better way to celebrate this start of summer by giving away a Chillafish BOX every day. Configure and reconfigure your Chillafish BOXES in every imaginable way, are you ready to start playing?

Win your Chillafish BOX here!

01/07/2015 Escher

Chillafish wins two NAPPA awards

What, did I read that right? Yes, you did! We didn’t win one, but TWO NAPPA – National Parenting Publications Awards! Wow, the Chillafish innovators are truly flattered.  Let’s get a round of applause for the Bunzi, as he goes home with a golden statue – I mean, seal – and the BMXie a silver one. Each year, NAPPA enlists the help of expert judges, parents and children who evaluate and play with hundreds of submissions to find the highest quality, most educational and entertaining products. Thank you, NAPPA!


31BMXie giveaway : everyday a BMXie in July !

We’re heading towards 50 000 LIKES on Facebook,  HOLIDAY is knocking on the door and BMXie has a NEW TOY AWARD! All equally good reasons to CELEBRATE! That’s why we invite you to celebrate with us and win a Chillafish BMXie!!

CLICK HERE to join and WIN

01/07/2014 31 BMXie Holiday Giveaway

BMXie wins TOP TOY of the Year award

Romtotom totom !!  Yes !! Chillafish BMXie wins the Top Toy of the year 2014 award from Creative Child magazine.  A great recognition for our entire development team as this award is selected by a team of educators and moms.  What better judges can you have for an active play product ?  A big thanks to Creative Child magazine for this recognition and you bet this will inspire us to make more cool and active play innovations !  Probably, most probably…. the coolest balance bike in the world!

16/06/2014 Top Toy of the Year

Are you our new Product Designer?

Chillafish is growing and we are on the lookout for a great new colleague.  Interested?  Check out our job post on LinkedIn.


Happy Easter !

18/04/2014 Happy Easter bunny

The Chillafish Company is hiring !

Looking for a fun challenge in a challenging environment ?

The Chillafish Company is looking for skilled professionals in sales, adminstration and operational functions.  Check one of our open job positions here:

Send your resume and a reason why we should hire you to

25/02/2014 chilla

Chillafish photoshoot 2013: it’s a wrap

Check out our new photoshoot pictures on Flickr. 24 hours of preparation and shooting, with fun and funky kids, and lots of colorful products.

10/07/2013 CPMX01LIM (1)

The 31 Bunzi holiday giveaway

Bunzi has won a Dr.Toy award, holidays are here and we are 1 year in the market, that calls for a mega-celebration giveaway #Bunzi #the31BunziGiveaway #drtoy: Click here to join

26/06/2013 bunzi_tower_fbsquare

SUMMERTIME ☀️ ! PLAYTIME ! Chillafish Trackie is the perfect playdate ;-) | View photo →

26 Jul 2019 9:33 Chillafish on Facebook

| View →

14 May 2019 14:32 Chillafish on Facebook

SKATIESKOOTIE van CHILLAFISH 2-in-1: skateboarden én steppen ! Kies de kleur die je leuk vindt ~ 3 verschillende kleuren in 1 verpakking ! Verstel- & afneembaar stuur Ideaal voor jonge kinderen Koop hem nu in een DreamLandwinkel of online: | View →

9 Apr 2019 8:41 Chillafish on Facebook

I don't know about you, but he is ready for the weekend ! | View photo →

22 Feb 2019 11:45 Chillafish on Facebook

Fun things to do with your Bobbi helmet #talkbobbi #motorcross #almostspringtime | View photo →

16 Feb 2019 16:28 Chillafish on Facebook

Buy one BMXie-RS and get one for free ! Valentine’s Day is no longer about restaurant reservations, flowers or chocolates. This year, it’s about the little ones ! They have not yet experienced the excitement of opening a Valentine card or the lonely feeling of not having … They know mommy’s kisses, daddy’s hugs, grandparent’s tickles, auntie’s & uncle’s silly songs… So, let’s buy those little monsters a gift, as they also deserve something special on this day about love ! More info: | View photo →

11 Feb 2019 13:57 Chillafish on Facebook

The word is out... TRACKIE's launch at Spielwarenmesse was SENSATIONAL !! 4-in-1 !! Rocker, walker, ride-on and play train in one ! (age: 1-5 years) #talktrackie #chillafish #keepinnovating | View photo →

4 Feb 2019 16:01 Chillafish on Facebook

Live, Love, Laugh & Skateboard ! See you all in Nuremberg ! #chillafish #spielwarenmesse #new | View photo →

29 Jan 2019 15:27 Chillafish on Facebook

TOY FAIR SEASON KICK-OFF @ HONG KONG ! #newCHILLAFISHproducts #sneakpeek #whattoexpect | View photo →

4 Jan 2019 16:26 Chillafish on Facebook

We are very satisfied with your products! | View →

2 Jan 2019 10:05 Chillafish on Facebook

We have 4 limited edition FAD BMXie-RS, called 'Musketon' hiding in our US warehouse, it's time for them to see the…

2 May 2019 14:34Chillafish on Twitter

"Stop right there miss ! First of all, always wear your Bobbi helmet and secondly, where did you buy this amazing M…

28 Feb 2019 16:33Chillafish on Twitter

Buy one BMXie-RS & get one for free ! Valentine’s Day is no longer about restaurant reservations, flowers or chocol…

11 Feb 2019 15:03Chillafish on Twitter

The word is out... TRACKIE's launch at Spielwarenmesse was SENSATIONAL !! 4-in-1 !! Rocker, walker, ride-on and pla…

5 Feb 2019 9:10Chillafish on Twitter

Throwback to NY Toy Fair 2018 ! Great Interview ! Great Products ! ;-) @chillafish #balancebikes @sugarcaynecom

7 Dec 2018 10:41Chillafish on Twitter

Dancing will save your life, your body and your sanity 🤪 BMXie-RS lime now at Target ! A real BMX-styled bicycle f…

7 Dec 2018 10:24Chillafish on Twitter

One of the best things to buy at TARGET ?!: CHILLAFISH’ balance bike BMXIE-RS ! #chillafish #talkbmxie #target

16 Nov 2018 14:40Chillafish on Twitter

26 Oct 2018 16:24Chillafish on Twitter

Move over guys, we’re coming in. Great Chillafish bikes at great prices NOW at Target stores. #retail #target

25 Oct 2018 14:53Chillafish on Twitter

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