Check out our newest innovations!

Have you seen our newest Chillafish innovations ? 
Find them here or click on the buy now button to discover ItsiBitsi Blocks ride-on, Charlie balance bikes, BMXie Moto with "VROOM VROOM" sounds, or our Scotti and Scotti Glow scooters!

Check out our newest innovations!

The Latest Chillafish News

In January 2018 we kick off trade show season again !


Come and visit Chillafish in Hong Kong, Nuremberg or New York !

Hong Kong Showroom | from Mon 08/01 to Fri 12/01 | Book an appointment via

Nuremberg Toy Fair | from Wed 31/01 to Sun 04/02 | Hall 7 – Booth A24

New York Toy Fair | from Sat 17/02 to Tue 20/02 | Level 1 – Booth 5778



Chillafish’ BMXie-RS – thé latest Costco treasure

Until Christmas there’s an extra treasure hidden at your Costco warehouse: CHILLAFISH’ most attractive balance bike BMXie-RS !! YAY !!

Buy one now before they are all sold – limited offer until Christmas. Hurry up and get your BMXie-RS at a discount of almost 50% !!

Want to know why BMXie-RS with Airless RubberSkin Tires is probably thé coolest balance bike in the world ?  Check all features now !

03/10/2017 Costco landingspage banner-01

What if … ?

Luckily we cannot complain about having a great team.
Are you interested to join our team and design more top-notch playful innovations?
We are looking for the best of the best to join an already superb team.

Get in touch at and let us know why you will be our next Chillafish colleague.
Looking forward to meeting!

Chief product designer:

Chief product engineer:

See more here :

The Chillafish team

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Design our next Chillafish BUNZI

Find and unleash your inner creative genius ! Participation is easy and is done by filling in a simple online submission form . Create a drawing related to a topic of your choice and participate in the competition by uploading the result online.

Where are you from ? If you find your country on the below list of partners, you can easily participate !

Current Campaigns

DreamLand Belgium | Participations are open from 23/03 to 15/04

Colorific Australia | Participations are open from 06/04 to 29/04

Cool Gears Thailand | Participations are open from 06/04 to 29/04

Eurekakids Spain | Participations are open from 06/04 to 29/04

Oxybul France | Participations are open from 06/04 to 29/04

Smyths Toys Ireland | Participations are open from 06/04 to 29/04

Titanco Taiwan | Participations are open from 06/04 to 29/04


Chillafish around the globe – let’s meet !


Hong Kong Showroom | from Thu 05/01 to Thu 12/01 | Book an appointment via

London Toy Fair | from Tue 24/01 to Thu 26/01 | Booth B80 (ground floor)

Nuremberg Toy Fair | from Wed 01/02 to Mon 06/02 | Hall 7 – Booth A26

New York Toy Fair | from Sat 18/02 to Tue 21/02 | Level 1 – Booth 6076



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I believe I can fly.... on my Scotti ☀️. Having fun, being outside, cruising in style. Scotti is now in stock arou…

12 Nov 2020 12:42Chillafish on Twitter

VROOOOM, VROOOOM !! BMXie Moto now makes a balance bike even more fun with motor sounds and fix-your-moto play fun…

1 Oct 2020 17:05Chillafish on Twitter

Balance, coordination and fine motor skills development. ItsiBitsi Blocks combines all. Ride-on with play blocks…

29 Sep 2020 19:25Chillafish on Twitter

Don't you love those simple and clean lines ? We do ! Pure simplicity, pure fun, pure playing. #talkmonzi

2 Jul 2020 10:53Chillafish on Twitter

Hey Charlie, glad you are back in stock buddy ! Charlie is our entry price balance bike at great value - lightweig…

20 Jun 2020 14:00Chillafish on Twitter

Enjoy the weekend everyone ♥️☀️😀 #enjoytheweekend #talkskatieskootie #learntoskate #kidsskateboarding #leantosteer

19 Jun 2020 12:16Chillafish on Twitter

In stock around the globe now :-) ItsiBitsi in various colorways. Simple, cute and great value. A proud Chillafis…

17 Jun 2020 15:01Chillafish on Twitter

We are a colorful brand, but today we are blacking out. Show respect, show love, all lives matter, black lives mat…

2 Jun 2020 17:51Chillafish on Twitter

Now in stock and directly available from our brand new Instagram shop - click to buy - simple as that. 20% discoun…

28 Apr 2020 13:41Chillafish on Twitter

No school, play outside, it's healthy and enjoy it. Unleash your inner speed demon! #chillafish #playlonger

10 Apr 2020 17:30Chillafish on Twitter

Even if it's indoors, let's stay active and have fun ! Stay healthy everyone ❤️🤙 #talkbunzi #stayhealthy

4 Apr 2020 16:03Chillafish on Twitter

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